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Who can complete the eHCI? Does the eHCI require training to complete?

The eHCI can be completed by parents/caregivers and teachers. The eHCI requires minimal training to be administered and takes approximately 10 minutes per child to complete.

Is the eHCI available for anyone to use? How much does it cost?

In the interests of public good, the eHCI is open-source and free of charge for anyone to use. We encourage users of the eHCI to share their experiences using the index and we welcome suggestions for improving the instrument.

For what age children is the eHCI designed for? What if children fall outside this age range?

The eHCI is specifically designed to measure development for children aged 3 to 5. Children who fall outside this age range should not be included in analysis of your eHCI data.

How are domain scores calculated?

The scale scores for each domain are calculated by taking the average score of all items within that domain. As such, all domains have scores between 0 and 1, where higher scores represent better development.

When are domain scores not calculated?

Children are excluded from domain score calculation if they fall outside of the 3-5 year old age range or have 20% or more missing data for the items.

Can summary indicators be calculated using eHCI data?

Two summary indicators can be calculated measuring literacy/numeracy and overall development. The literacy and numeracy indicator is calculated using items from the numeracy and concepts scale, as well as the formal literacy scales.

The overall development summary indicator is calculated by taking the average of all nine scale scores.

Can I get help analysing my data?

Instructions for analysing your eHCI data can be found on our Scoring Resources page. If you have further questions about your data, enquiries can be made by submitting an enquiry form.

How can I be involved in culturally adapting the eHCI for my country?

Enquiries regarding collaboration or consultation for cultural adaption of the instrument can be made by submitting an enquiry form.

Who can I get in touch with if I have more questions?

For further questions, please contact the team by submitting an enquiry form.

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